Saturday, February 5, 2011

Facebook and Family Feuds

I wonder how many disputes has Facebook created among families and friends!

Given that I have now fallen out with two family members and two friends and I don't even use Facebook that much, I can't help wondering what is happening to everyone else's friendship status.

It is easy to gain friends but it is just as easy to loose them!

So should we come up with a code of ethic? Something like:

1) do not accept friendship from an old boyfriend/girlfriend of your sister/daughter/brother/son/mother/father etc. just because it was a good guy or girl
2) do not leave a confrontational or snide comment as a response to one of your friends of friends post (oh boy this is a tongue twister!  In my case it managed to cause a Facebook Flaming)
3) do not accept friendship from relatives and friends of your husband/wives and friends in general without their permission
4) do not accept friendship from nannies or employees of your friends or relatives without their permission
5) do not upload pictures of your family, your friends, and your friends' children without their permission
6) do not post sensitive or private issues/content on your friends wall, write them a private e-mail instead
7) Exercise the freedom of speech politely and respectfully
8) Don't lie on you status updates, you will get caught
9) If you are married or in a relationship, don't flirt with an old high school friend
10) Don't call friends and family, or friends of friends and family with inappropriate names, it will most certainly cause offense

Well these are the first 10 but I think there is more!

What a fascinating phenomenon...


Anonymous said...

Love the blog! All this Facebook stuff reads to be something I think may be old fashion, it's call 'common sense'.

Keep the blogs coming!

PALFO said...

Thank you Anonymous! Oh yes "Common sense" what a novel concept these days....