Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Giada De Laurentis who are you?

Seriously Italians do not know you!

Here is the interview that set me off,,20456256,00.html

After all I have been irritated by her demeanor for years so it was only a matter of time before she ended up On a Little Dash Of Sanity.

Where to start ...I am not sure what is worse,  her embracing the role of "traditional wife" (and what exactly is that role?) or her being " Everyday Italian".

 An entire blog could be dedicated to the repercussion of her statements in the interview above. What is a traditional wife? Have we not fought enough against these traditional roles?

So who are you? Apparently a role model, "a legend" and "obsession" for some. I can assure you there is very little everyday Italian in you and judging by the interview very little depth behind your character too!

On a more serious note we have to at least acknowledge her efforts in enhancing a very old culinary genre the "Italian American" cuisine. But that is not Italian, lets be clear about this.

Now it would have been nice if my new food blog was more developed so that readers could directly appreciate the differences between the Italian recipe proposed by me, and the same one bastardized by our everyday Giada. Unfortunately is still at the very beginning ...after all I need time to be a traditional wife too:)!

Lets get back to Giada,  so who is she in America? A Real Chef? A Pretty Face? A Role Model for how to be traditional and subservient? I suppose a traditional wife is better than a "traditional" men where 100% of the time traditional is a synonym for "backward"!

For now in Italy people that come across her name are left wondering if she is another porn star obtaining notoriety!

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