Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zucchini and Bacon

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It's the day for zucchini and bacon!

This recipe is fantastic: it is quick and delicious! It can be a quick family dinner or a dish for a special occasion either way its a winner!  it is also very cheap and authentic:

Ingredients (4-5):
Pasta (penne, large shells or similar) PALFO TIP: Barilla, De Cecco or Colavita
Zucchini (4 to 5) small green zucchini/squash, PALFO TIP: do not buy the large squash/zucchini as they are full of water and don't cook well
Bacon (smoked 5 slices, cubed)
Extra virgin olive oil (PALFO rule: medium to large frying pan, cover the bottom and a little more), PALFO TIP: Bertolli is the best and cheapest on the market !
Cherry tomatoes (optional)
Fresh Basil

Cut zucchini Julienne style (lengthwise), place in medium to large frying pan with extra virgin olive oil and cubed bacon. Cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Do not have the heat to low or too high. After zucchini have mostly cooked, add cherry tomatoes and cook a few more minutes until all is cooked.

A little before zucchini are cooked, boil water for pasta, add salt to water (PALFO TIP: in the beginning just add some salt and then later taste pasta before it is done, and adjust as needed).
Cook pasta al dente (or as specified on package). Drain and mix with zucchini.
Add a few fresh leaves of basil and grated parmesan cheese


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