Thursday, January 13, 2011

Owen Wilson is back from the dead and Hollywood is having a baby!!

Something in the California waters?? Or is Hollywood sympathizing with the recent credit crunches and natural catastrophes?? Maybe it's still the Obama Baby Boom.

Victoria and Beckam, Kate Hudson, Jane Krakowski (30 Rock blondie), Natalie Portman, Neil Patrick....
and so many more...

Surrogates, egg donors, or simply old-fashioned shagging...a baby boom is on the horizon.

Even Owen Wilson went from dead to dad...,,20456549,00.html

recently the Italian tabloid "Il Sole 24 ore" claimed Owen Wilson died due to a snowboarding accident...not quite! But check out this facebook page in his honor :)!

Well thumbs up for the bumps but watch out for the baby blues after the baby boom!!!

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