Sunday, May 1, 2011

William & Kate

Well what else? This event truly deserves a post!

I did get up at 5.00 am and it was totally worth it. What a special day for Britain. A real fairytale, a beautiful princess, a handsome (ish) prince, the two ugly sisters (Eugenie and Beatrice) and happily ever after.

Catherine (I have since learned that now that she is royal, we are not longer allowed to address her as Kate), however, is not really a princess rather a Duchess and more specifically the Duchess of Cambridge. A few royal titles were bestowed upon her by Her Majesty the Queen but not that of "princess". Shame! She is certainly as beautiful, modest, reserved and dignified as a princess!

The two ugly sister really contributed a laugh or two, with their grotesque figures, uncomfortably enhanced by hideous outfits and accessories, absolutely priceless and the whole mark of British fashion flops.

On a contrasting note, the wedding gown of our princess (not really a princess) was spectacularly exquisite, what a triumph, but then we wouldn't really expect anything less  by the great Sara Burton!

This modern day fairytale was most definitively needed, refreshing....

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